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A Journey from Fat to Flat tells my story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and struggling with being overweight.

It shows how my experience can help others, whether they are dealing with similar issues or have other challenges to overcome.

This book also describes the strategies and techniques I used to finally overcome these problems.

It focuses on the techniques I learned for losing weight and building strength.

These techniques can be used by anyone facing those particular issues and can be applied more broadly to other challenges one faces in life.

To this end, the book covers these topics:

My journey and how I overcame my own struggles

What I learned about losing weight and living a healthy life

Increasing your strength through lifting weights

The benefits of eating a good breakfast

Understanding how your body burns calories to shape your diet

Using mindful meditation to further your progress

About A’Cora

A’Cora Berry was born and raised in Mexico, but moved to the US when she was seventeen years old to find better opportunities.

A’Cora started her own company, MacBe Entertainment, at age 37 with the goal of creating films that inspire people and to further other actors’ careers.

MacBe was named after her daughters, Mackenzie and Bella, her biggest inspirations.

She loves to listen to classical music, read and drink a little too much coffee. She lives in Rancho Palos Verdes with her husband, their two wonderful daughters and two mischievous doggies.

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